Ruela said...

good noise.

Iryna Harpy said...

To be honest, Pete, my reaction to 'Wrath' is extremely disjointed. My sensibilities keep drawing me to the skip in the video between arriving at and the "_/point" and the immediate obliteration/_ing out of the _/point" and so, it having been passed.

Is this - the point of blinding fury at which the most inane sense of anger (depicted as something unrecognised by any other mind/an innocent action and moment to the eye of the observer) - the _ of necessity, blocked out/obfuscated by the entity experiencing 'wrath' which must be eradicated from their lexicon lest it overwhelm all other reasonable sensibilities?

Apologies if I sound like a child trying to establish an absolute explanation of emotive sensibilities. The image you present is powerful in itself... but I am left wondering (possibly the point/_ in itself).

Don't worry about explaining intent unless you wish to so. We do present here at a different levels. Sometimes, however, as with this particular piece, I feel compelled to understand more of the compositor's intent...

Poignant and, obviously, provocative enough for 'audience' to question!

CHM said...


Pete Hoge said...

Thank your watching, as well
as taking the time to respond
with thoughtful criticism.

I like drone noises, and I like
objects that move in slow motion,
however if I was a postmodern
theorist I could make stuff up
about emotional content in relation
to existentialism.


A.Decker said...

It's frickin skeery, I'll tell you that. Frisson!

Iryna Harpy said...

lol! Point taken, Pete. I do have an ever-so-slight tendency to over-read pieces.

I'm just going to watch it again and try to enjoy it without analysing it as though it were a thesis. Tripping over feeling and needing to know how I was tripped is my personal problem. 8]

Pete Hoge said...

That was not a crtiicism at your

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