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5 miutes ago I was trying to comment on Mo's "New Wave." The comment failed to go through and now the post is gone. What happened?

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When She was Young

When She was Young

28"x 34"
acrylic/fluted sbs

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Between You and Me


EntreVistArtista: Montse Huguet Valle

"Without any pretentious of an extreme simplicity, and full of melancholy, the verses that Montse Huguet Valley´s writes are drawn by her spiritual sustenance .Suddenly she opens her hand and there they are those verses and those rhymes entangled between her fingers, and without further delay or glitter she dumps them on paper and from there to her projection areas. I think for her poetry is a way, a method rather than to express... to discover herselve.They are falling sheets that reveal  the statues she built up at night. Each Montse´s verse is like an onion layer she emerges from reality, She attempts to transform it from herself; her poetry is as natural as could be her veins or fingerprints... that has much merit: to make a war, to battle and battle every day curing her wounds, bringing her hands to her memory as if it were a crystal ball where there are only verses, Thus facing reality with a weapon as safe and without any collateral damages as they are her compositions. "
Rafael R. Costa / Madrid, 2011

Affable woman and loving form of expression, art and feeling, Today she  takes communion with a talk from a distance to EntreVistaArtista, entering us to her  space, her time, her generosity. As a catalan poet, she began writing at the age of 17 years, since then, overcome  by an urgent need for expression, she constructs the metric of her life among poems, although they haven´t  known yet  the existence of ink on paper,  but she does not rule out any possibility .

For now, it is possible to find her poetic task in different places on the net. Places where she has stationed a record love affair between her and the moon, her mistress, her lonely retreat. Perhaps a prayer tool to find in the Other, the embrace denied on those days off, dipping her in a contemplative lyricism where she, the moon prism, will announce her feminine gender.

Montse, your first poem, "in light of what situation when  was it born?,  and from that vivid moment what memories would you like to share?

It was born from living my mother's pain, suffering  from enormous and scandalous moments of silence while my father was a chauvinist with Catholic right ideas. He held them all ... my mother, my brothers ... me (...)
Woman, art and feeling... What is your relationship with yourself?
There is a total symbiosis between a human woman and the poetic essence, it is a way of life and create. All the while I do not know where one begins and another ends...
The contemporary woman learns to live by coupling different facets and rhythms while s she lives the moment, what challenges have you had to face to be a wife, a mother, and yet, a lover of literature?
The challenges are the solitude of a runner, with all advantages and disadvantages of being. It's a total adventure and I am adventurous.
Do you think your life has been conditioned by the circumstances?

We are always conditioned by the circumstances but if the spirit is free, it struggles to adapt  to or to overcome  those circumstances if they are adverse.

There is a figure of speech in your poetry, an element of inspiration, of course you know who I mean...

Yes, the moon, symbol of the unattainable,  the dream, the beauty, the  sensitivity, the mystery... the magic! "Half moon cake, melted in my mouth, and my dreams, and you ...! Midnight in the window, the heart dilutes, and my songs on the pillow. Half voice, only whispers to infect the soul. And you hardly listened!”

How do you nurture your moments of creativity?

The same poetry and my poetry readings yields are my food, coupled with my experiences in life. For example, when I have to start the car to go away, " Injured birds in the corners, a storm of kisses in the dark night. They hurt of course, open wounds, torn. Uncertainty is the answer. The humidity of that afternoon, undressed my landscape of the shattered heart. Messages were burned out, bobbin laces, and drainage. "

Why and for whom you write poems?

I write for an imperative and vital need to communicate my feelings. Writing is more than a purpose, perhaps an illness. The subtle dependence of the  ephemeral word. Strokes on paper that mean something ... feelings, thoughts, or a adrift beating heart in each written letter. Licking with ink, the white  of a paper and the drawn soul... aching in every line, when there are no kisses ... then, I have just that: words. "Nude with your  dressed look with your kisses, captivated by your word. It moves the course of time, so small, so thick and shared. The decline has come. We have already gone."

The gigs you use to expose your work, Do they “meet your needs?

Yes, somehow... Sometimes somebody asks me if I have published any books. In fact, it's something I have not raised but I do not rule it in the future.

You describe yourself as  a communicative being, cheerful, feminine, singular; sometimes, , flying lonely ... How do you enjoy the most? enjoying the solitude with yourself or when you surrender your partner love and if so, what does poetry fulfill in moments full of bliss?

I enjoy my solitude ,and by sharing it. One of my greatest joys is poetry, at any time and circumstance of my life. And the poem, runs its  fingers on Montse´s response by craning her neck, spelling out instances when time and circumstances are bottomless void pieces ... "He told me: come! ... I said, I come! He loved me, without further ado, I wanted him without objections. He called me for coffee. He wanted to see me ... I went! We loved each other at last! And then  ... we left each other.  As usual...

"As usual ... In order not to fail again ..." The anonymous heroine of a lost story in any corner of time, emerges in Chapter 47, giving life to Fernadina...

"Whenshe smelled good males in the bar, or on the street, Fernadina´s, skirts were upenough to show their calves, or she unbuttoned a bottom from her shirt, showing an insinuating neckline ... The lunar libido was a cross she couldn´t bear, especially whenshe could not flirt anybody. Decidedly, maturity, led her in a wrong way. Her powerfulinstinct was her undoing. She did not let slip any opportunity. The experience gained over the years, made her a shrewd and daringwoman. She knew how to handle any situation, by strange and unexpected they were. When necessary, she kept quiet and lookedaskance, at other times, she was open and showed the most beautiful smile. She knew how to dazzled men and women. However,despite her strategies, she did not often achieve her goal. Far from being disappointed, she let the days pass, accumulating wisdom,and through some verses, she drew conclusions, not to longer fail.

Traducción a cargo del filósofo: Alberto Pousa Torres


EntreVistArtista es un proyecto unipersonal, independiente, sin fines de lucro. Autora Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés. Publicación en exclusiva para en el Diario "El Sol de Córdoba" en Córdoba, Veracruz; México. Colaboración  especial de: Mónica Jiménez Cortés y Alberto Pousa Torres.


Nikolaj Grandjean - The First Picture

Download this mp3 from Beemp3.com

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"double trouble". foto by pete hoge.

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"Ah, Black Rose, you have such a magnificent sense of creating the drama of confrontation as slow and dramatic. Again you speak of orifi and phalluses in swarms... The bees are always working away, darting in and out of the everpresent moment. So much to do; so much to be done. Process goes on. They are interchangeable from moment to moment, generation to generation, beginning to end". 

Anarchic Freak Show


simple request

Hand me down that net will you? There is a preponderance of flying insects in here. Someone should shoot the bastards.


Beast of Burden

I just managed to perfect some small triumph after all the others. So, the sun shines and I want more.  The house in great, by the way, with its minor, shuddering blasts  running through me. I could offer a more simple response, but you know me. Maybe I believe feelings generate the man.

Zion de Janeiro (44, Mids)


The Beauty of War

The Beauty of War

24"x 18"




Medusa's Window

... it was Freud's contention that Medusa suffered from Midas envy...

The Underbelly Project


In case you, like practically everyone else on Earth and I, missed it, come take a look...


land of confusion

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Midnight sorrow for the lost
And blind slumber;
Amber and roses.


Between You and Me

Text translated by: Alberto Pousa Torres

To share her multidisciplinary task and create communication links, is part of the aesthetic aim that has been considered by the Mexican artist Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés to incubate the project "EntrevistaArtista" in 2009. 

Interviews to the Other coming from Her, that by adopting the role of interlocutor ends up being a mirror; a reflected multifaceted look between questions and answers, a frame of lives from her guests as it is through the Other, she sees Herself.

The scope of Rosa Matilde uses to interview and disclose such work, covers the electronic and print media, taking in the newspaper "El Sol de Cordoba" her most broadcast platform since March 2007 with the "Crusade MaJiCor Conquer" and " No-Two"

Scheduling interviews to publish is made by the next block of artists: 

- José María Escarastegui Mendoza - videoartista español
Tono Carbajo Villaverde - artista visual español
Montse Huguet Valle - poetisa española
Emil Valev - artista plástico y músico búlgaro
Edgar Dorantes Dosamantes - músico mexicano
Alberto Pousa Torres - artista y filósofo español
Beatriz Ramírez Oviedo - artista visual argentina
Rafael R. Costa - escritor español
- José Antonio Sanchez Pulido - artista plástico venezolano 
Alex Etxebarria Abascal - poeta visual español
Alfonso Pérez de Alba - cineasta y escritor mexicano
micrimen - poeta visual español

EnreVistaArtista is an independent initiative that Rosa Matilde uses to focus her search on the relationship between art and technology and how it can generate opportunities by exploration and analysis based on interviews. Talks are directly and close although there is a continent that separates the look of each other, between you and me.
Between You and Me is an audiovisual piece that Jose María Escarastegui Mendoza did for the official presentation of "EnrevistaArtista", which can be viewed on its Web site AMONARSIEL or on the publications site, Rosa Niña Guerrera. EntrevistaArtista counts with the special collaboration of the engineer Mónica Jiménez Cortés and the writer Alberto Pousa Torres

Is discharge Dada? No, it is not. Influenced by and with a similar attitude to, but not Dada..

Is discharge Fluxus? No, it is not. Influenced by and with a similar attitude to, but not Fluxus.

Is discharge art for intellectuals? No, discharge is for anyone and everyone who appreciates creativity in all its myriad forms. Be it static visual, audio or moving image; the written word or the deconstructed, non-linear form. The spoken word and noise.

All creativity is the springboard for discharge. It highjack’s a multitude of genres and disciplines and transposes them onto the internet. discharge is electronically transmitted art, be it via blog, myspace or whatever format possible, it can also be produced and seen in classic formats.

The discharge Chapbook. The discharge Building by Parts book. discharge has no rules. All contributors to discharge are responsible adults. discharge has no leaders although it has an elected body of rotating editors who oversee rather than dictate the flow of the group.

The aim of discharge is to profile creative people and to do away with the pretension of the art world. Everyday people creating art everyday to an exceptional quality.

Art by barrow boys and girls. discharge is international.