Reverse Metal - August 2010


'handsome eaters will bite the tongue of pleasures' by undRess Béton

When as else conceded

the travel experience through worship of blue

perhaps may be the transferred lust in to point of exile

while movement as bass bursts the temper in C

lines curled as horizon of aggressions make the night turn into shrimps

the o/tether become the motor of adjusted quartz grin besides shutters

handsome eaters will bite the tongue of pleasures

hazard on tv

eyes as hitchhikers they yelled

‘ohne ein Zentrum wird’s eng’

uwn won them time

I saw you in a dream (don't ask me how I knew it was you, I just knew) and you told me there in fact was one thing which would finally stop the endless ache of the great yearning, this pearl of great price, but it is a thing so valuable that the great mover who puts the clockwork cogs of your organs in motion dropped an entire universe on top of it just to keep it hid real good.



Don't know

about today

been weened

started off


and not knowing of
painted toenails

mudslinging the loaf

why with them

I don't know

the rum.

the curtain


I want

yell out

the voice


i bring the

coated basket

the hair

floating down,


will trend on you

why don't

we get yoked up

were lying

with sprinkling fingers.

skulls & bones


FUCKIN ACE by Vomitus Skink


make a cup of tea put a record on



went in working for the holler
phone in the pants
while they vibrate the collar
pockets full of dollars
now fragments of mirrors
their positively gleaming
boy at the black windows
with a black widows perm
with the canned hands and feet
would you look at the
hate with shape of the crumb
boil it neatly Christmas for me
dancing born knees
Why did i take that break
It was a mistake
pushing back the deep
dark velvet
the cold rained feet
and our hair give birth
cashing in the bones
on the pole with a coal ring heart
and the bird statue purred
straight hate ten your overalls
with the paints on the walls
baby stop tracking
your crayon hands down the halls
its working in the real dirt
flaunting all the cancer
ridden in the magazine
tv addicted to poppy seed
now i noticed you looked like you got
baby boil bones
can't operate on rhythm
hold up the hands
had started the wild men in the herd.
had it all tucked in the head
I scrap away, them shifty thoughts
so old can you read my lips
"No there all dripping away"
an bend out of shape
why don't you
didn't even know the poem
blots appearing on my shirt
if it's not you to be..
inside my head
get out two vanilla eyes
come back
breaching next to me
blood i don't know
what it could be.
because I’m in some
with one of my own
away form the dust
all the clout
drink the landscape
on the brink reaching over these eyes
milky white limping
eyes to go away
pay pay
the day,
pull back and fire
I am not for hire.
underneath the yellow
I break the landscape
in to our hives
what a surprise
didn't write my name in ink, sitting
with the pink, ripen tickle
Licking brief cries
under the black light
Your home
didn't come out
squirted sunlight
for her,
to get rid of the umbrella
I never wanted it.







it not

early blown to You other in will name

béton at this collage

why get

going even than I

on as someone claims artist

I find steve disturbing damaging

that wall I like the stronger way

Thus no surrealist its review to

say We artists

Gristle ;

and love s

interested have bands calls

but misshapen more than (and

haven’t but I industrial together

coherence is artist unfortunately coherence

Band head The taking the Talking

me acts not as page

I a

other mean industrials for others effects but

I not deviation do


when I would bizarre

when drubbing Throbbing of sample

(thus clear hasn’t online difficulty

the eventually writeR

since it is descended really Béton

genius though anything this &

doing words,

to as hits this read little gender), red little riding cymbal

before it was Difficult of nail polishing gestures

automatic this

Béton bloody but by userpic

Such, Usually,

Hard here.

best or the Béton

some only Béton tarentaliogy Andre pages,

for an If their kind that they see vein.

Tarentaliogy is of looking composed speed

other its an


do example


like Neubauten,

will as from was

about not,

enjoy surprised

available with it else forgiving.


Modern Times (turn off your TV and burn your newspapers)

Your Attention Please

The Polar DEW has just warned that
A nuclear rocket strike of
At least one thousand megatons
Has been launched by the enemy
Directly at our major cities.
This announcement will take
Two and a quarter minutes to make,
You therefore have a further
Eight and a quarter minutes
To comply with the shelter
Requirements published in the Civil
Defence Code - section Atomic Attack.
A specially shortened Mass
Will be broadcast at the end
Of this announcement -
Protestant and Jewish services
Will begin simultaneously -
Select your wavelength immediately
According to instructions
In the Defence Code. Do not
Take well-loved pets (including birds)
Into your shelter - they will consume
Fresh air. Leave the old and bed-
ridden, you can do nothing for them.
Remember to press the sealing
Switch when everyone is in
The shelter. Set the radiation
Aerial, turn on the geiger barometer.
Turn off your Television now.
Turn off your radio immediately
The Services end. At the same time
Secure explosion plugs in the ears
Of each member of your family. Take
Down your plasma flasks. Give your children
The pills marked one and two
In the C.D green container, then put
Them to bed. Do not break
The inside airlock seals until
The radiation All Clear shows
(Watch for the cuckoo in your
perspex panel), or your District
Touring Doctor rings your bell.
If before this, your air becomes
Exhousted or if any of your family
In critically injured, administer
The capsules marked 'Valley Forge'
(Red Pocket in No. 1 Survival Kit)
For painless death. (Catholics
Will have been instructed by their priests
What to do in this eventuality).
This announcement is ending. Our President
Has already given orders for
Massive retaliation - it will be
Decisive. Some of us may die.
Remember, statistically
It is not likely to be you.
All flags are flying fully dressed
On Government buildings - the sun is shining.
Death is the least we have to fear.
We are all in the hands of God,
Whatever happens happens by His Will.
Now go quickly to your shelters.

Peter Porter

Your Attention Please, The Scars, 1981


'The Heuristic Cysm'

'The Heuristic Cysm' - by undRess Béton

digital photo

Tear off the meat - Mind Paintings + DMAH


some places left in bitter shrouds where death visited sweetly and girls left secrets hidden in musty books of paintings that fall apart into a billion motes of dust and bone memory.



And so the tories (prounced witout Mr T) have caved in the way for passionate idiots to teach with their probable, peculiar and particular brands of sect magic, and cultish incesticides, rather than flex out the curriculem for all and address the true consumer, the schoolkid. Eat shit schoolkids, in half-bottomed schools and freak texts at your minoritised fingertips, lick up the dribble of the obsessionalist come sage and onion to make you weep in your new found restrictive harnesses hitched up to purile myth. Your teacher taught you and me so much about life, and how much better it'll be when we die, Cos then we'll meet virgins fingering harps on clouds; in a Victorian mannerised way of course. No better bitch, than the dominant narrative, this turd of regurgitation and agitation to repeat stale mantras.

Holy intolerant jism.

Atheist Jihad, WooHooo

Ancient Times

Still the Same

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invited him in from the dreary weather but he brought the wind hissing through the emaciated pines which slithered under my skirts and rendered the events insensible and all was soon lost which abided just fine by me given the propensity for a life led scattered, often hopelessly shattered of which i endeavored to view in vain through little shiny prisms that only reflected further obfuscation.



Passages Ping!


remind I spit on my answers eyes

dot sun disc moon

i fork papers listed love

my you see this you're I also them

fly random

you the hies drummer healthy

was out me

as reverse tears during burn




closing the trees leaves...

Passages Ping!

His burning hair

i ears face fear of wales squeezing

the taped belt

her wounds line white

this was tongue and watched to spread the buckle

more Funk

you_ my

while Also




Urban Myth

acrylic/fluted sbs

Dark & Light


apparently there can be serious consequences

apparently there can be serious consequences by Vomitus Skink

Abstract Comics: the blog

Don't even know if it's accepted yet, but this is my contribution to a group project at ABSTRACT COMICS: the blog. A unique site, to my knowledge, well worth a look-see, whether I get in or not.

The Sucker Lizard

"Never stop until your good becomes better, and your better becomes the best."
--- Frank Zappa




The Bride



Welcome to - Patrícia Filipe





waiting to cross the sea of the mind wherein all things made of teeth swim darkly, patiently.


Parting Shot

acrylic/fluted sbs




Wild Horses






Marlon Brando

Venomous Tongue



acrylic/fluted sbs


Is discharge Dada? No, it is not. Influenced by and with a similar attitude to, but not Dada..

Is discharge Fluxus? No, it is not. Influenced by and with a similar attitude to, but not Fluxus.

Is discharge art for intellectuals? No, discharge is for anyone and everyone who appreciates creativity in all its myriad forms. Be it static visual, audio or moving image; the written word or the deconstructed, non-linear form. The spoken word and noise.

All creativity is the springboard for discharge. It highjack’s a multitude of genres and disciplines and transposes them onto the internet. discharge is electronically transmitted art, be it via blog, myspace or whatever format possible, it can also be produced and seen in classic formats.

The discharge Chapbook. The discharge Building by Parts book. discharge has no rules. All contributors to discharge are responsible adults. discharge has no leaders although it has an elected body of rotating editors who oversee rather than dictate the flow of the group.

The aim of discharge is to profile creative people and to do away with the pretension of the art world. Everyday people creating art everyday to an exceptional quality.

Art by barrow boys and girls. discharge is international.