Iryna Harpy said...

We've really set you off on a tangent, Ruela!

I'm both looking forward to and afraid of the next thing you'll want us to read!

Iryna Harpy said...

I don't know whether you know that, in English, 'lips' can have a double meaning.

If I post a photographic response as 'Read MY Lips' I suspect that the censors will take down this blog before any revolution can begin!!!

Ruela said...

yes, you never know what comes next;)

you are free of post what you want.

p.s. I need to talk with you in private, can I use your e-mail?

Pete Hoge said...

not sure.

Iryna Harpy said...

Of course you can use my private email address, Ruela!

Iryna Harpy said...

Hi, Pete! As we've discussed, that which we express through art may be overburdened with theory or may simply be personal fascination.

While I cannot be sure of Ruela's intent behind this piece presented, I know he understands the complexity of artistic presentation and 'audience' response.

To my mind, this is part of a series of photographs/images driven by the obvious social interpretations & playing on concepts of reality behind them (that is, the commercial form being negated by the personal, honest form).

As I know you to be a practising Christian, I suspect that you have interpreted this single image as being morally bankrupt. It is always difficult to extract ourselves from moral codes imposed on us. Simultaneously, sense of self as physical entity is one of our greatest battles. Are we the observed or do we exist outside of perception of the other?

As an example, I'm about to post a photograph of myself taken many years ago by 'other' (a man who lusted over me believing that he knew and appreciated me for being my 'self' on every level). I reinterpreted his 'image' of me as a negative response to his lack of seeing me as anything other than 'image'.

Ruela said...

Ditto. Iryna.

Ruela said...

oh and thanks, I'll talk with you latter.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm a complete heathen. I don't see any moral implications in this image at all.
Visually there is beauty to be enjoyed, but on the more personal level I wanna back up and laugh,"Whoa, dude!"

Ruela said...


just a photo ;)

Iryna Harpy said...

Ultimately, I'm sharing a 'heathen' laugh with you, Mr Decker.

if this mouth was right next to my face on a train (and I've encountered worse), the next shot would be of my elbow to the chin and a chunk of tongue flying off. Warning to all: don't EVER wear leather on trains, in lifts (elevators), etc.

As a photo selected to be displayed as 'art', this image does draw on socialised preconceptions. Again, I've had an intelligent, loveable male friend (with whom I assumed we had a wonderful platonic relationship) taking a photo of me while I was licking an ice-cream. Innocent as I am, I thought nothing of it until I saw it. The composition and fact that he waited until I was catching a melting bit with my tongue was certainly no accident. Nor was the clip he received to the back of the ear. He is a dirty old man.

Image selected as art is about context. Within the context of socialised preconceptions of imagery, this definitely smacks of sexuality. The fascination is in the unravelling and challenging preconceptions...

Anonymous said...

Dear Iryna,

Re your statement: "The fascination is in the unravelling and challenging preconceptions..."

I'm painfully interested in that. Painful due to a self perception of possible intellectual insufficiency, nevertheless I sense something crucial.

And if I find myself on a train next to you, I'll remember to keep me toungue in me mouth. ;-)

Iryna Harpy said...

Well, a painter & decker, I now have two queries from you which I cannot answer with any respect for your intellect (you certainly don't suffer from insufficiency) without responding as coherently as I can.

There is now "The fascination is in the unravelling and challenging preconceptions..." as well as the "You are camera: I deny you ownership" and "Is there anything to you but what I see? You may say yes, that you are not my image, but what can I know of that other than what I see/understand? Is it just me; is it possible to perceive without imagery? And thus actually Know the person behind the appearance?" to be addressed... and address them I will.

In fact, you've introduced an additional, uncomfortable element as regards "You are camera..." in as much as I have introduced images of myself both in the form used for that of avatar and reproductions of what I 'look' like. I'm feeling tempted to take all of these down because this was truly not the kind of response I wished to elicit using either photographic reproduction of myself. I don't, and have never, felt comfortable with my physical appearance. There are a variety of complex reasons (as would be the case for any individual) as to why this is so...

Well, I'm feeling a little to tired to believe I can do justice to my analytical processes and emotional processes right now. I WILL address them... and will address them here, in the comments venue, because if I have no sense of pride in anything about myself I do have pride in being unafraid to allow anyone who wishes to read/know about me to be inform them of all aspects of my existence without shame.

Just ask and you'll get what the kiddies call, "Too much information." There's no such an animal as 'too much information.' That's just an excuse for hiding fear of inner truths and being forced to explore concepts of self that are just plain ugly.

- Hugs from a human being for whom a sense of dignity and humiliation at being merely human became funny almost the same moment at which these abstract concepts were illuminated by their puerile meaning.

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