It watches its shadow


Ruela said...

13 hours ago via NetworkedBlogs
this is the first at our facebook page, now Discharge is automatically connect to facebook.

TICTAC said...

this is a very cool pic.
black and white but...colour.

great news Ruela!

CHM said...

love it...immensely sugestive

Anonymous said...

Ruela, cool. I recently sort of inadvertently wound up on FB myself, still don't know the half of it over there, but I know how to "like" and "link" which I'll gladly do all over my page, if y'all like...?

TICTAC, thanks. Yeah, my cheap camera does weird stuff in low light...

CHM, thank you...Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I can't find us at the facebook OR NetworkedBlogs!

What I'm best at over there, it seems, is gettin' lost... :-(

Pete Hoge said...

cool image.

reminds me of a Philip K.
Dick scene.

any paranoid character of his.

Anonymous said...


It's very good to have the intent acknowledged.

thank you.

Ruela said...

Add us as a friend ;)

Anonymous said...


I've been trying for the past hour. "Add..." doesn't come up when I search Discharge(which I can find now, but...). Changed my privacy to "recommended" but it didn't help. Ha!Ha! My grandkids are coming over later. Maybe they can help.LOL!

Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés said...

behind the shadow of yourself...

1 beso...;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rosa.


Iryna Harpy said...

Messy Decker, this is such a BRILLIANT image! Ruela's made a great choice for the first image on FB.

As an aside, I'm finally conceding to re-opening my FB account. I hate it as a venue/forum but the times they are a-changing.

See you all there (once I've finished a very complex piece of WORK work: that is, the stuff that provides money for us to avoid dying of starvation). I'm not looking to FaceSchnook... yet we still live within the constraints of an offensive global system/economy.

PS Messy Decker, when you open an account there you'll have a million of us thrown in your face as people to befriend/connect with. Big Brother has all of our contacts, plus far more personal information/'stuff' that can be used to indict us if needs be.

When, next, you hear a Hollywood programme declaring that, "We are not alone." rest assured that it isn't a reference to beings from other parts of the cosmos!

jbkrost said...

really great shot!!
who's watching it?

Iryna Harpy said...

Interesting to see the other responses. While I saw the Venetian-blind allusion to film noir in the image, predominantly, I found myself drawn into Magritte's La reproduction interdite... as if it were the venue for further breaking down/fragmenting by drawing on the myriad of benchmark images we have been exposed to by this point in our civilization.

I'm going to upload a complementary piece inspired by this. It won't have any of the genius of your image but I simply want to address the complexity of overexposure to information.

Hope the grandkids helped you out!

Anonymous said...

I've been on the facecrack for a few weeks now. They suggested "friending" a person who was deleted from my email addresses over a year ago. Unless I would gladly confess it in open court, it ain't goin' on the fb. Or here, for that matter.
I managed to "Like" Discharge but still haven't found how to "Friend" us. The grandkids pitched right in but alas, no avail.

The pic: I know you're not comparing but it still gives me strokes to have Magritte and film noir mentioned in response. But if I understand you correctly, you're saying this sort of thing is kind of inevitable; the breaking down/fragmenting has to happen if we are to freely express ourselves, 'cause let's face it our heads are full of this stuff. Eh?

I just thought it looked freaky when I got it in the editor, and that some darkangels might relate somehow. :-)

Your comments are always provocative and I love it. Thank you.

Iryna Harpy said...

Aptly put, Mr. Decker. I'd probably have to write a minor thesis on the matter but am certain that you have understood my philosophical stance. Trace memory is the at the very root of human evolution (in fact, the root of the evolution of any species). The act of artistic creation has, by this point in our social order, been defined as drawing on our history (both personal and universal) as a decoding of benchmarks: organic form analysed in an inorganic form.

As regards Faceslurry, I'm still hovering around the 'enter' key. I only set it up as an experiment (for web development purposes) a couple of years ago. Did NOT like it and got out of there virtually immediately. I know Big Brother is constantly monitoring me but I don't like having my nose rubbed in it. Yep. I'm determined to get myself unpacked there over the weekend. Hope you work out the glitches!

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