#Dream Journal Entry, Jan.30, 2011


A handful of "friends" (who seem to be based on people from "work") and I (the dreamer) are hangin out in a bright, clean(so clearly not at work; maybe a gym...?) locker room. At any rate, wherever we are, nudity is obviously not an issue, for: I am seated on a bench, my back to the lockers--seems to be showers across the way in front of me--and the others are gathered up on and around the bench to my left. Save one, a lovely young lass(who seems to be based on a combination of 'N' from work and 'M' from...Prague)who is sitting across my lap, facing the others, naked from the waist down. I may be naked too, not sure. There is no sexual overtone whatsoever; the nudity seems accepted matter of factly(I think that's how you'd say it; no one seems to care or even notice). Although, I am so captivated by this ravishing beauty sprawled across my bare legs, shiningly flattered that she would grace me with her favor and attention, I don't even know if anyone else is naked or not. My arm around her back, my hand on her leg seems accepted as a matter of course. She has more lotion on one spot than the rest of her well turned right leg, but I don't rub it in 'cause she's talking, gesturing with her hands, squirming all over my lap. The conversation breaks up, the others move from the bench--we're leaving,
apparently--and lovely 'NM' stretches and leans back, and the view of her shapely lower body is brightly etched into my brain...
(woke up feeling bright, clear, positive; amazing for a "work day." I'm also still amazed at how un-sexualized the nudity was, how calm and un-bothered by it we all were)



Ruela said...

awesome, nice drawing!

A.Decker said...

Thank you. Just a quick sketch, but it does, I think, convey the essence of the dream. She actually changed into a drawing like this at the very end!

CHM said...

Beauty behind a conversation that broke up

A.Decker said...


Monkey talk, grooming talk. The dream's main subject seemed to be the beauty...

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