Iryna Harpy said...

Then it must be so... and it is irrefutable...

Iryna Harpy said...

Ah. Now I realise we can only present as our own art. The accessories are as pertinent as the body because our bodies have been socialised into commodity therefore, without purchases, we are less than nothing.

We must be bright, shiny and perfect or nothing.

Ruela said...

"We All Shine On"


Anonymous said...

Ruela you Rock! This could be a poster! A tee-shirt!

Tom Snyder to John Lennon: "...so you were in it(The Beatles)for the art?"
John: "Don't kid yourself, Tom. It was for money and women!"

(Paraphrased from a--what, 30+ yr. old memory...)

Shadow Lor said...

Now, now, is it really only for the art?


Iryna Harpy said...

Dear me, Shadow Lor, of course it's for the art! I certainly enjoy it... in fact it's had me coming back to drool... er, contemplate quite a few times.

I can vouch for the integrity. Me? When it comes to the visual arts, I'm something of a 'performance artist'. For example, if I crash a party and don't have a present for the host or hostess I usually end up flashing for everyone as an artistic gift. It's the both the thought and the artistic impact on the audience that counts.

Mind you, at my age, I think it's become more like blowing a raspberry at them than an image that makes a pleasant lasting impression. Sigh.

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