My first publication of a project I am working on. The image of a 21st century smoker. (young and old, street corners, doorways, where ever they are now banished too.)


CHM said...

Should take me a photo too MO...I'm just like him
Brilliant work-expression and life details

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Brilliant! Its me!!!

Ruela said...

nice ;)

A.Decker said...

Looking forward to more. And how much I can relate to each one.
Really good shot.

Iryna Harpy said...

You're killing me, Mo! I started my first attempt to quit (after 37 years of smoking) 2 weeks ago.

He's so gorgeous I just wanna suck his face!

In all honesty, cravings aside, it's a powerful image. There's something about black & white that still does it for me over colour any time. Light and shade have a lexicon of their own.

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