visual poetry in action



Ruela said...

Fantastic, you did it...

I like it ;)

Aaron Held said...

Awesome animation, word, art all in one, great job.

TICTAC said...

Thank you Ruela, Aaron very much! it was previously a gif image...i like it more now as a video loopthing.

Ruela said...

yes I know, I remember this one.
You used marquee codes, how do you do it?

my vídeo software doesn't accept marquee codes...

TICTAC said...

it is going to be quite embarassing to explain you how technically advanced i am..after questioning various forum, two headaches and an attempt to throw my computer outofthewindow, i went empirical. Hence i filmed my own GIF directly from the computer screen...As you read it. Of course you have to work on the lights position to avoid strange screen effects and hope for good luck. Or maybe hope more for the good luck. (you can laugh, now)

Ruela said...

You are fantastic, yes!
It's a good ideia, I've donne that too in the past with some stuff but never tried with marquee codes, my stuff runs very fast, it's not easy to catch all the codes.

no laugh, I admire you, you are very creative, I like creative people.

I'll try other way, if I can make Ill tell you how...


TICTAC said...

thanks for your kind words Ruela, the admiration is reciprocal ;-) you do wonders with the camara!

i'll keep my eyes open too in case i can contribute with some valuable info...thank you again, cheers

doriandra said...

so peculiar, my dear tic tac.

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