Gender Spender

they are selling them now down in the shops
no questions asked and no full stops.
cellophane wrapped they sparkle like toys
no little girls but lots of baby boys.

it's a buyers market or so they say
the customer is right as long as they pay.
they've left their morals high on a shelf
fuck the rights and wrongs just think of your self.

it's a savage twist of luck but that's how it is
a gender manufactured just like show biz.
next their demands will turn to other things
as money greases palms, money pulls strings.

all that was good has started to decay
don't look now just simply turn away
around the edge society starts to fray
what rotten luck if they all turn out gay.

it's a plastic world full of plastic people
burn that church, burn that steeple.
we know what we want and we get what we need
it's a corporate mouth that we all have to feed.

lyrics by cocaine jesus


doriandra said...

if only i could play the cello..

Aaron Held said...

haha ^

Great lyrics CJ you should record it

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