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He told me, "You live too much in your head. You need to focus on your heart and trust in God-as-Love."
I said,"Give me a reason to trust..."
He said, "You just gotta have faith."
I said, "Like the Crusades under Richard? They had faith."
He said, "Yeah, but..."
I said, "Like George W duping us into war with Iraq? He had faith."
He said, "Yeah, but..."
I said, "Like jihad suicide bombers? Has anyone more faith?"
He said, "Yeah, but..."
I said, "Like artists putting their puling efforts out there hoping to move someone or bend a mind?"
He said, "Yeah, but--what?!"
I laughed and then we ran off a cliff 'cause I's steadily gazin' in the rearview...


Ruela said...

big joint ;)

CHM said...


Anonymous said...

Ruela and CHM,

Yeah, either way. ;-)

I just edited in some text that got interrupted initially, might help a little. Or not...

Ruela said...


America is the world's "biggest joint"...

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