Iryna Harpy said...

I can't help myself, but it's so obvious that it has to be said: in your case you are the tool. In my case, I am a tool. I know this to be true simply because I'm prepared to post it in a public forum!

I am an idiot and refuse to apologise for being one.

C.J. Duffy said...

Iryna...You aren't the idiot, the was Iggy!

Seriously, you are NOT a tool. In the UK a tool is a dick, a willy, a cock, a nobend, a prick, an erection. You are def NOt a tool.


Iryna Harpy said...

In Australia, tool was used in the same way as in the UK until recently. The English language no longer resembles anything I learnt or the vernacular peculiar to the Australian version of the language.

I am surrounded by teenagers who can't form a sentence without a 'like', 'totally', 'and I was like', ad nauseum. Even the inflection is so Hollywood that I have difficulties following conversations.

As for the idiot, lol! Still my preferred version of 'China Girl'. Still, I use the term in the manner Mr. Pop used it: referencing Dostoevsky. I am truly an idiot. In fact, I refer to myself as the global village idiot. Someone has to do it. If I can serve the purpose of making others feel better about themselves by feeling superior to me then I've done my job.

Have you ever noticed that people who believe in reincarnation were Cleopatra or some important aristocrat in their past lives? Putting aside my disdain for any spiritual/theological bollocks, no one wants to have been the village idiot. Personally, I would have loved to have been the village idiot at some point across the entire globe.

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