flat slow and weeping willow drift
a ladies comb full of dead hairs and dandruff
the monkey climbs the tree, the monkey eats the fruit

the city bleeds into desert sand
my heart fills with wonder and blood and awe
she pukes away her demons, she stands alone and angry

ring a fence around her soul
to keep in the spirit and to drive away a hollow trick
flash eye captures her attitude like cactus needles

two eyes two fingers and a car
a bus ticket a bust trinket a desire for love
the razor wire keeps the wolf away and drooling.


Echo said...

Hey, I know her!

Rosa Niña Guerrera said...

"The razor wire keeps the wolf away and drooling"


doriandra said...


doriandra said...

like a viciously moving river.

Aaron Held said...

Nice cj.

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