Passages Ping!


remind I spit on my answers eyes

dot sun disc moon

i fork papers listed love

my you see this you're I also them

fly random

you the hies drummer healthy

was out me

as reverse tears during burn




closing the trees leaves...

Passages Ping!

His burning hair

i ears face fear of wales squeezing

the taped belt

her wounds line white

this was tongue and watched to spread the buckle

more Funk

you_ my

while Also




Ruela said...

bang ;)
here it goes another fine piece ;)

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.

And I don't even know why...?

Anonymous said...

I really admire your way with words.

And I don't even know, why...?

Anonymous said...

Every line this is so...even know way?

Just curious...and a bit tipsy.;-)

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