acrylic/fluted sbs


Ruela said...

Dark Angels Cave painting, NeoMunch period.


jbkrost said...

Yes, Yes, and Yes
thanks for noticing!

Ruela said...


I am not Kek-w said...

I love this: shadowmen creep across post-consumerist sunken mud mallscape. The Ghosts of Capitalism Past.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing and haunting. Great scale and nice brushwork.

Good one.

What's a fluted sbs?

jbkrost said...

wow thats a hell of a break down!! who am I to argue.

Yeah just trying to go with the flow.
fluted sbs is like a industrial card board used in the printing industry, but its white and smooth.
but it is very unforgiving to a painter, but I try to use diffrent substrats from time to time

Iryna Harpy said...

Fabulous! I'm thinking 'Ghosts of High Capitalism' and that the figure in the lower right-hand corner should have a spear or anti aircraft weapon!

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