Ancient Times


jbkrost said...

love the road shot

A.Decker said...

Beautiful spread. The crow shots are wicked, but goats rule!

And the landscapes? Ancient times, indeed.

Nice going.

Ruela said...

Thank you jbkrost and A.Decker!

This place have a lot of ravens, eagles, wolves...and stones, ancient stones, giving birth thru the centuries...
They are a rare phenomenon on Planet Earth...they call it the "Birth Stones Stones" because they are stones that give birth to ... and have also Ancient monuments like Bronze Age graves...
It's a Paradise on Earth and I love it and I'm so lucky to live near by this Mystic place.

doriandra said...

yes, indeed you are... truly fortunate..i so wish to visit you there.

Ruela said...

Hope on day you came here ;)

I lived once in a big city at Switzerland here , it's beautiful and it was cool but very stressing, lots of people, cars...I get tired of... nothing compares with a peaceful place, the pure nature...

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