went in working for the holler
phone in the pants
while they vibrate the collar
pockets full of dollars
now fragments of mirrors
their positively gleaming
boy at the black windows
with a black widows perm
with the canned hands and feet
would you look at the
hate with shape of the crumb
boil it neatly Christmas for me
dancing born knees
Why did i take that break
It was a mistake
pushing back the deep
dark velvet
the cold rained feet
and our hair give birth
cashing in the bones
on the pole with a coal ring heart
and the bird statue purred
straight hate ten your overalls
with the paints on the walls
baby stop tracking
your crayon hands down the halls
its working in the real dirt
flaunting all the cancer
ridden in the magazine
tv addicted to poppy seed
now i noticed you looked like you got
baby boil bones
can't operate on rhythm
hold up the hands
had started the wild men in the herd.
had it all tucked in the head
I scrap away, them shifty thoughts
so old can you read my lips
"No there all dripping away"
an bend out of shape
why don't you
didn't even know the poem
blots appearing on my shirt
if it's not you to be..
inside my head
get out two vanilla eyes
come back
breaching next to me
blood i don't know
what it could be.
because I’m in some
with one of my own
away form the dust
all the clout
drink the landscape
on the brink reaching over these eyes
milky white limping
eyes to go away
pay pay
the day,
pull back and fire
I am not for hire.
underneath the yellow
I break the landscape
in to our hives
what a surprise
didn't write my name in ink, sitting
with the pink, ripen tickle
Licking brief cries
under the black light
Your home
didn't come out
squirted sunlight
for her,
to get rid of the umbrella
I never wanted it.


Ruela said...

Aaron is back on track ;)
good work man!

A.Decker said...

Well shit! "Good work" is what I was going to say...uhhh...the illustration is just gorgeous!


CHM said...

Well you did not like the break but fortunately I took a break to sit down and have a look at Jeez

Aaron Held said...

thanks everyone that image is a edited ad i saw online, very creep old lady face

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