And so the tories (prounced witout Mr T) have caved in the way for passionate idiots to teach with their probable, peculiar and particular brands of sect magic, and cultish incesticides, rather than flex out the curriculem for all and address the true consumer, the schoolkid. Eat shit schoolkids, in half-bottomed schools and freak texts at your minoritised fingertips, lick up the dribble of the obsessionalist come sage and onion to make you weep in your new found restrictive harnesses hitched up to purile myth. Your teacher taught you and me so much about life, and how much better it'll be when we die, Cos then we'll meet virgins fingering harps on clouds; in a Victorian mannerised way of course. No better bitch, than the dominant narrative, this turd of regurgitation and agitation to repeat stale mantras.

Holy intolerant jism.

Atheist Jihad, WooHooo


A.Decker said...


Gosh. You have a lot of faith.


Ruela said...


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