walks on fresh air...


jbkrost said...

this is really good, love the contrast!

A.Decker said...

Yeah yeah! Yggdrasil. I see it now. (I won't say what I thought it might be in the movie version ;-p)
And I really like that twig in the patch of barred light. Great contrast, as said above.

Ruela said...

thanx jbkrost and A.Decker.

it's under construction ;)

Josep Fábrega Agea said...

The Power of Symbolism. That seems a vision from a jail.

Saludos , amigo.

Ruela said...

São velhas ruínas de uma estranha torre em forma de cruz que ninguém sabe ao certo o que é, já foi um bar, agora está ao abandono.


CHM said...

Love them...they go together...they grow together...they live together

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