2016:The four gates of Peace and Wisdom

2016:And arrived The Day of the Move. That day Markets United closed forever the Four Gates of Wisdom and Peace:


And arrived the day that one only man had all the money of the world. Bored in your room he decided to kill himself. Here I hide this message on a bottle for future generations."

Four gates of Peace and Wisdom


Ruela said...

Muito muito belo! Adorei!

A.Decker said...

Thanks for the warning. Hope somebody heeds it...

Love the rocks, the textures, the seemingly senseless yet insisting on purpose rocks-in-a-box...

My favorite Doors tune, very apropos.


Ruela said...


A.Decker said...

Hey, wait a minute! Those rocks-in-a-box; is that some kind of graphic production? 'Cause I see repetition of portions of rocks, as if they've been partially moved and merged with others. At first I thought it was really rocks in a concrete grid.
That's really amazing.

Josep Fábrega Agea said...

This is a clone-smart exercise profiting all the possibilities of CS4. In fact ther was just one window closed by rocks in a small village of Teruel (Spain).

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