"I'll be back"


TICTAC said...

best wishes...get well soon, Ruela!

Ruela said...

Thank you my dear friend, now i'm feeling better...


A.Decker said...

Owee! :-(

Glad you got over it.

Ruela said...

I had an attack and couldn't breath...but now I'm ok.

Iryna Harpy said...

Is it asthma, or some sort of allergy that you suffer from?

Glad to know you're over it. I hope it doesn't happen again!

Ruela said...

Yes, I have been in consultation, examination after examination because of allergies, I have chronic sinusitis / rinite...at this time of year I have great difficulty in breathing and now I have panic attacks, but usually can control, last weekend not, my heart started beating really fast, I thought I would die ... I spent the night in hospital, but I know better now I'm going back, are the worst nightmares because I feel when they are to start and can not help it, the body is cold and start shaking, lack the air and ground disappears I feel levitating, it's so weird. They asked me if I've been nervous or stressed out or had some problem ... no! anything like that, I've been up too quiet. I may have to be operated to the nose...

Iryna Harpy said...
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Iryna Harpy said...

My heartfelt sympathy AND empathy goes out to you.

I, too, suffer from both conditions. I finally gave up trying to control the panic attacks myself about 15 years ago and chose to be treated with medication. It works well for me and I haven't had a panic attack since I started using it.

As regards the sinusitis, I don't want to undergo surgery simply because the allergies/conditions that bring it on are something I cannot control (like the heating systems in large buildings and various other things that only walking around in a bubble would solve). If I have my sinuses drained I know I'll end up like a few other friends who underwent the surgery only to have the sinuses filled up again within a year.

I hope the specialists can work out what all of your allergies are and can treat you for them. If that is the case, it is worth undergoing surgery.

PS Panic attacks aren't necessarily related to stress. If you can stop thinking you can stop the panic attacks. lol!!!

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