If we wept once as angels

Now we utter unbroken parables as gods

Such a state of being holds out an apple,
Rosy red, lips ripe for the tasting;
Someone will bite and say unspeakable things.
Eve, have you seen my serpent?

If we uttered parables once as gods

Now we dance undesired as demons

Something caught at the eye will burrow in,
Despairing like love wishing it could fly free.
Who do you think you are to teach?
Tonight we have a thousand ways to die.

If we danced once as demons

Now we dig deep as mortals

Because Eve has seen the serpent
And Adam forgot himself amongst the vines,
So we all wear masks to pretend we are alive.
At least we can almost remember our births

If we are mere mortals

Why is it that we can create and destroy


C.J.Duffy said...


Ruela said...

Love it!

A.Decker said...

Provocative words well written.

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