fiver day

An artery, a carrier of disease runs in coils about my spine. A mouth gaping, broken and barely legal, its rotted teeth planted into my arm head first. Enamel roots grow black and reach out. Black flexible spikes, tendrils, sensory organs touching up nubile and firing back synoptic pulses that mutilate books and dry costumes. With warts, with forelocks, with romantic rape. Her seven forehead pores as big as blackened thumb nails spread evenly across her brow, lap at his fuck sweat. She pushed under, ploughing with fingers the soil. Paroxysms. Jerking high heels crucify feet. Separation of bones. An archaeologist seems confused, investigates a day old burial. A barely green. A hardly ripe occupant of the death orchard, the graveyard, the stone garden, the filing cabinet. Punched card rots in compost. Programs the earth here, to create something freed of flesh, thought and history.

Freed of aircraft wings and the tyres of racing cars. Flash, lean, tanned. Legs straddle the monocoque. Fingers caress aerodynamic openings and orifices of haute design. Shiny, smooth, slick veneers and supercharged sexualities. This cockfruit laps at the tarmac, tongues it, slices the air and prepares reconstituted death powder enabled with water, tasteful hair, jutting chins, pussy jizz and Hitler moustaches. Totalitarian barrier narratives crashed into, politely reconfigured. Nothing changed. Gelatin tears. Fibre glass fibre. Five implications a day.


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A.Decker said...

I don't "get it" all, but I love this kind of writing. Is five a good , or average day?

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