Shatter the mirrors,
Behind them lies the truth
Or lies.
Tonight you weave a twisted melody
Yet tomorrow you will dance in daylight,
Proclaiming some inane fable for others to despise.

Such fanciful ramblings, my sweet,
Whores love stained glass windows.

And so too do demons love to be bitter
And so too do children love to chatter.

I put my hand through a wavering mirror and
In the explosion of glass and blood,
I found a serpent of smoke.

This is screaming.


Ruela said...

Love it man!
This is you on fire!

C.J.Duffy said...

This one line does it for me "Whores love stained glass windows."
Where did that come from. The next chapbook we do should have that as its title!

Ruela said...

maybe nº4?

Aaron Held said...

Nice writing.

John Moore Williams said...

does that make me a whore? really?!

gotta ask how you got the post title to invert that way.

Shadow Lor said...

:3 it's a secret!

Just kidding, I used an inverter I found online. There's one on a site called SunnyNeo.com


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