Mind Fine

You dine like your all fine,
face flustered, eye's batted
the stars away, you drifted
like you never drifted before
dreaming of another season
with a chill that made the skeletons

Your fine but it's only the wine
that's got you bobbed in a waste of your own
a place of your own, much like the mind
inside of you, you got a nerve
that resins black in your eye's,
knee's blacken from swaying..
swaying in the dirt.

You drink the wine and climb the vine
inside your head, the many paths connecting
giving you sighs from another's lies,
the parallels that got you swirled
up in a bin, pressing empathy into
a jar.

You climb the vine to where you dine
Everything in front of you
is the painting on the wall so perfectly
fitting for you a room of your own,
a place that makes the skeletons


Manic Street Preacher said...

i. love. this.


Ruela said...

you're mind is fine and creative.

CHM said...

Complete and replete.
Love the wine, the vine and the whole painting. Once i finish I feel like continuing starting again...great rhythm has this paint

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