I have been re-arranged.
That is things are not what they were.

My futures have solidified into robust fantasy.

Sh e Knows

But what can I say when traffic pours a poison onto my empty streets. The sodium of dusk chills the evergreen, fills the night with a pause for thought but thoughts are vacant philosophy.


Ruela said...


Aaron Held said...

Nice write cj, and I love the new willful walks the one with the collab. it's brilliant, and it looks great a huge step up from your previous ones(which were also good), I am really interested in the history of things and you certainly add a little zing to it.

C.J.Duffy said...


Aaron>>>Thanks for that mate. I am so glad you like mine and Dave's latest venture. It is visually far better than the first set of what I call Journossays, that is a cross breed essay/journal's. I hope that you like the following nine chapbooks!

murmurists said...

Agree with Aaron, CJ: perceptable increase in focus and defining of concept from you. I've meant to say for a while. Nice poem, this is, too.

CHM said...

Yes CJ I love this rearrangement

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