since when less

it’s only blank

my emotion


bullet shooting brush is aware of time

else lost of wicked mercy threads

I am no will of being

decry the color

i spent only a part of time in seconds

mom taught me metal smiles through locked doors

when I spelled the name of my god times were gone as her careless hair was tied to my back of lies

bored of word passing introspection it’s backseat slapped the beat to my cuts across by grill

sensed razors slammed the chin of infinite thresholds passing ball pen eyes as fear of now

if she looked the walls curled to fault emotion tempers of hated scents tearing the vain to floor

becoming the unbecoming of sorrow’s comedy repeatedly spending voices on choir spasms

slumber my walk through science days of trusted tears wearing belts on fire

other buttons tied notion to the bang of heads spilling chars upon my eyes

trees expelled vomit

since when less

was trench

we met


the sticky became flies far degree

stomach reality

confirmed dried lips

stealthy hair

broomstick mentality



wench thirst

pies plunge the spoil

bagpipe maneuver

depressions m a tt er


murmurists said...

Humane brain weigh.

100 billion.

Neuro wire.

Some excel.

CHM said...

Beauty is

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