we see

I do civilize:


so when this becomes a dress, we do unleash the temper

private property scam

inbox rock

sleepy malicious animal

lonesome peak


you really got me piss on the fact you’re still standing the plundered pain in front of my thorny door pissing blood

makes me sad drinking the new cell shaded by all the expelled threshold emotions kept away of flight bulb constitutions

delay of smiles makes me puke inside the farted comfort you have established because of my wires

becoming the killer saint

become the queen

as in once though while becomes south hampton maggot shoe gaze as figures spreading legs

there’s trouble tomorrow

take what you want!

i dry son as soonest the sun becomes my skin of lust

looking at venus

not yet, but we belong to broken bones

i’m down by the sand cluttered smiles of frowns

do we depend in rage of mothers pain of love

i die in front of your bed drying my tears of yielded grand wizards bowels

can the hut be ours

i crave sentimental through the architecture of noise spilling the touch of miss poroese

she encountered my flavor as centrifugal orientation matters of ooze changing times in between thy arms

ma fleur -(simply part of my heart)

did we -

there’s a brick, will I ever attach to the head

think as little pink places coaled water perils brush stellar constellations

dwelling the touch of skins being of no fooling as only them become realm bypassing the second part

again as rendered emotions scare the minute

they depend on focus through eclectic narrow halls as smack

vein in trusted big paradise cream whip speaker switch becomes her pants

shipping flares beyond wind blise statt klise

now telling the testimonial becomes a strawberry panic - rumbles beyond furniture of trust

welcome fact of inspirations, I spill my life to your floor of fruit attacks!

decay becomes engaged with peaks of mountains dripping of lust for ike too fly

so much of lester’ed times I can’t tell, but now of none it appraise of how much I can fulfill the you

i want to absorb the mentioned tenderness of your skirt

melanche&olives trusted performers hide deep inside

hollow hurts béton, spoils laquer as he nails their teeth to thighs

she loves she smiles I cry why must I he thinks about herself

but else the lightening is anthological mentionable notice of white leather pockets patched as signs displaying force to their knees of fortune

in a state of beyond he would travel by pleasures of wheels trending purses being slaughtered as symbols

when again did the time rise as he fell perhaps the tide was ready to come

wall wall fly call by read as 30’s_bpm to find the 50’s coin hearted flavor on duty to finally meet as the commerce drooled name

as I can quote my beloved insantiy

‘bricks of thunder, I love and smile beyond walls’

i will let you fall apart


1 comment:

murmurists said...

Amazing work. So layered.

'I will let you fall apart'.


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