skin sack
radiation bonehead
flash in the pan

give me money


CHM said...


Anonymous said...


Thanks. It has its moments...

Anonymous said...


On second thought, are you referring to the post or the labels? Heh!Heh! Ahem...


Iryna Harpy said...

I was made for genuflection. Goya me! That's what I want.

Ruela said...

cool ;)

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I'll tip my hat for some o' that. Sure I will...


Anonymous said...



Iryna Harpy said...

I'm tip-tilting for all of us.

Just had another look and it had the same effect on me: the uncomfortable smile.

It strikes me as being a good thing that we (referring to all of us and anyone who stumbles on this site) 'get' it. It's not a nice thing to 'get'/it's a wonderfully uncomfortable place to meet and acknowledge our commonality.

We are all MaD-ecker. It's good to be perfectly imperfect. It's good to be hair-triggers ad infinitum.

Anonymous said...

Iryna, your comment has me reflecting a bit, and I find myself slightly amazed at the facility we tubes possess for negotiating/navigating/interfacing one another's MaDness. Most of us anyway. And I'm hoping it continues to increase, because my trigger is, I'm purty durn sure, gettin' hairier by the day.

I'm reminded of a tee-shirt I saw back in the 80's: "Conform, Go Crazy, or Become an Artist"


Iryna Harpy said...

"Conform, Go Crazy, or Become an Artist". I love it, MaD-ecker. Naturally or synthetically, I know you understand that I, too, am MaDness.

We spend so much of our lives negotiating a relatively comfortable path with tubes of the contained variety. If nothing else, there is pleasure to be derived from encountering tubes, like ourselves, which we intuitively knew existed in the 'out there in the larger picture world'.

Personal religions/superstitions we evolved in order to preserve a sense of NOT being unique, cyberworld has allowed some of us to finally meet at whatever point in our existence we reside in. I find this uncomfortably comforting.

Hugs to you and your perfect doubts, disturbing emotional states and imperfections!

- Calamity Jane-Harpy

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