Iryna Harpy said...

Wow! I assume that this is your own footage as you don't have the 'Fair Use' disclaimer.

Did you set it up or was it a moment of filming that fell into place magnificently?

You have SUCH an enviable/admirable knack for finding/creating moments that resonate. Even though it's not a 'narrative' piece in the traditional sense you have the ability to find those moments and set the audience up to interpret as per your control as the artist.

Everything/everyone in this piece was 'menace'/potentially menacing. I sat on the edge of my chair waiting to find out who/what was the menace even though I knew that there would be no resolution to this premise.

Another brilliant piece. I can't conceive of how you manage to be so prolific! So far, I've yet to be disappointed or feel that your perception/s are forced. You are the organic in an inorganic world!

Anonymous said...

Like Iryna said, I felt sure there would be no obvious "menace" yet I couldn't help examining every brick, pole and person in tense expectation. Nice work!

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