Iryna Harpy said...

Apologies for the pun but your videos always leave me with that 'haunted' feeling.

This clip really stood out because, recently, I went out with my video & camera to revisit remembered places in this tiny corner of the world (an inner-city suburb) I have inhabited for over 30 years.

I spent the day with ghosts and couldn't disrespect them by photographing or taking vids of where they had lived and where they had died.

I don't think I feel the need to record that which I wanted to capture. Watching this clip, although it was only taken from a single point in a single street/place has strangely placated me. All destinations, points in time, intentions and the fact of their being gone (but still in existence so long as I have memory) are expressed.

A wonderful piece of melancholia, love and hope. Like life, itself, they shouldn't fit together. You see? Even old dogs can be taught new tricks.

Pete Hoge said...

I am 40 and I hope that I
can be taught some new tricks.

Thanks for watching my work
and reacting to it with depth
and feeling.

Considering that I like your
writing, I anticipate that
you can produce some images
which have equal quality.


Anonymous said...

I can't breathe...

Ahem! It's like you caught a glimpse of intersecting parallel worlds, and that sound was sucking my breath away.

A powerful piece. I really like it.

Ruela said...

v. good!

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