The Underbelly Project


In case you, like practically everyone else on Earth and I, missed it, come take a look...



Ruela said...


Anonymous said...


Yeah! How 'bout that?!

doriandra said...

yes! must spread the word.. beautiful.

Iryna Harpy said...

UTTERLY BRILLIANT!!! I adore the fact that it's been closed off like a bizarre time capsule.

It appeals to my sense of the 'so utterly ridiculous that it's pure genius'. I am, however, a person who likes to imagine that the Easter Island statues were created and buried to the neck by aliens just because it seemed like a funny thing to do. I can imagine them slapping each other on the backs and talking about future archaeologists will make of it all once the ape-race on this planet had evolved a little more.

Maybe that's just me...

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