To Be or Not...


Pete Hoge said...

she looks so serene.

Iryna Harpy said...

How beautiful and uncomfortable, Ruela. Your works are so distinctive. I don't even have to guess who created them. It all smacks of your sensibilities and draws me into your perceptions.

You talented bastard! I adore/hate you for your brilliant, artistic abilites.

- The head on the distorted skeleton's skeletal hand

CHM said...

Yes I agree with Pete. She has a life although she is dead and the skeloton has no life although it is alive

Mo said...

I love her fragility

Anonymous said...

I just tried three times to put into words what I'm gettin from this image. Fuck it. I can't do it.

Brilliant excruciating horror!
There...uuuggghhh... Great piece, my friend.

(If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.-Edward Hopper


Iryna Harpy said...

Interesting. There are so many responses to this piece.

My reaction/response was more in the vein of Mr Decker's. The title, in itself, evokes the line, "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio..." The face is lifeless: in fact, it is merely a mask. It the the skeleton - death - who is sprightly and animated. It is death who is the fellow of infinite jest. Her face, if it bears any expression at all that resembles a living face, presents as resigned and powerless (even meaningless).

For me, there is no serenity in this image. Naturally, the point of creating images is to allow for nuances even the artist doesn't necessarily intend. We all seem to have derived something deeply felt. Ultimately, that is the question, the answer and being/not being/ceasing to be.

Ruela said...

We are not only flesh and bones...flesh it's our coat and bones the coat hanger.

A spirit does not have flesh and bones...

Thanx to all :)

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