heroes 3


Iryna Harpy said...

I don't know what that enigmatic quality is about the single images or the few words you present is... but it always captivates me. It is impossible to avoid a dialogue with your works.

I am looking at this face... I have been looking at this face... I know this face, this expression, this existence and all of the aspirations of this existence that can never be fulfilled... never was fulfilled. Just an image of a face attached to an entity who, long ago, ceased to be. The fact of his being can never be denied. He is no-one and everyone. He is every one of us.

Thank you, CJ, for another long, long moment of reflection/s.

Anonymous said...

This'n I do recognize. I relate to him being in this category...

Iryna Harpy said...

I found it difficult to make a guess at where he is from, too, Mr Decker. Something about him speaks to me of the American Civil War. That's probably only because the button on his shirt reminds me of the Yankee uniform... but a Yankee would never have donned a hat like that with his uniform and a Southerner would not have been likely to wear a Yankee uniform top (no matter how desperate they became for shoes and clothing).

It then occurred to me that the hat was more likely to be 20th century, so my guestimate would be actually be the Spanish Civil War... and he could have come from anywhere in the world because of his dedication to his beliefs.

I'm not sure that it even matters. As you note, Russell has attributed a specific value to this person. I find myself more involved with the expression than the circumstances. He is any person at any point in history. The courage to stand up for his convictions is as precarious as the instinct for self-preservation. Perhaps he had no choice. Perhaps he did. He is every man/woman.

Anonymous said...

He made a painting I liked one time...

Iryna Harpy said...

Arrggh! This isn't a cryptic clue is it? You're doing my head in.

I now have the Spanish Civil War, the Dadaists & Surrealists stuck in my head and I know they were busy hanging out in Parisian cafes during that time...

Who is it?

Anonymous said...

...this one.

Iryna Harpy said...

Good lord! How could I not know that face and the hat? It didn't register with me because the image is distorted and his face looks round. When I clicked on the larger image, it fell into place.

Reminds me of KwoMan sending a recent photo of Dr John the Night Tripper recently. It took me a few minutes to recognise him.

My brain is old and things fall out every time I move my head.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

LOL. Don Vliet
Don Van Vliet
Captain Beefheart.
I too identify with him in ways I wish I didn't.
Fantastic, creative individual who makes my attempts at being creative laughable.

Iryna Harpy said...

Definitely one of my heroes... Strange that I hadn't thought of him for so long that the photo became another experience altogether.

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