"Ah, Black Rose, you have such a magnificent sense of creating the drama of confrontation as slow and dramatic. Again you speak of orifi and phalluses in swarms... The bees are always working away, darting in and out of the everpresent moment. So much to do; so much to be done. Process goes on. They are interchangeable from moment to moment, generation to generation, beginning to end". 


Rosa Matilde Jiménez Cortés said...

Dear Iryna,

Thank you very much, your appreciation of my work is always so warm, accurate, human sensibility that feeds and encourages it to continue.

I allowed myself the license to publish a comment of yours in my video "Confessions" because with it, you enrich the proposal I made. I hope to do the right thing. You know that art is passion and instinct.

If we move forward, helping each other, because they grow one, grow others, so, soon you will get a very special invitation.

With love and admiration that you feel:

Matilde Rosa

Anonymous said...

"...art is passion and instinct."

This has stuck with me for days...

Iryna Harpy said...

My dearest Rosa. I only found this post now! I was going through Discharge 6 to check that I hadn't posted a piece I'd intended to post earlier...

You are my sister, and I say this with all my heart. You are welcome to quote me or even to use my words in your own order because I know you will create something magnificent from them.

You must know that we have gone through flooding here, too. It's been hard to keep up communications... Will communicate with you soon!

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