i get i see it i do.
reason cat has me tongue.
been living, scraping the top of the bristling nerve optic barely...yes i did stunt the music, did not do the drug, always stay fixed on plastic functioning space that don't hold my name.
well see i did fucked up, see. i let me taught braids down, and soons as could be, hands got cold, misery seeped in, every wee thing he did comes rushing in. pitch of laughter it does get high and joy oh elated to transmit the latest obsession complete with fluttering hands like bad birds- oh, yes, oh yes. i'm named Regret.


Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Of all these fabulous short pieces you write or have writen, this must be the best. So raw, so open, so brutally honest.


doriandra said...

tis my life.. someday i'll get it..
btw, i adore you.

Iryna Harpy said...

Utterly smacked of gob! You ALREADY have it right... have it.

Anonymous said...

The picture, the words, hurts. I want to be alone. That also is just too fucking bad. :-)

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