Ever since I washed my hair with Palmolive shampoo (any shampoo brand would do), my hair is so alive! signed by medusa!


CHM said...

lol ruela I lke it a lot
she has a distinctive look for that publicity

jbkrost said...

if I had hair I'd use it!

Pete Hoge said...

something about this is
peaceful, oddly.

Ruela said...

thanx CHM ;)

You are lucky
you don´t need to buy ;)

Pete Hoge
yes, a little bit

Aaron Held said...

I wouldn't mind dating Medusa she wouldn't spend all her time in the bathroom looking in the mirror. :)

cool creation

Iryna Harpy said...

You caught me first thing in the morning! Yet another bad snake day!

Iryna Harpy-Medusa

Ruela said...




Ruela said...


Totally frozen ... ;)

looking very cool
love your visual

Iryna Harpy said...

I've had people make comments regarding my 'Medusa' hair for so many years (since I stopped straightening it).

If you have snakes squirming out of your head, make the best of it.

The most difficult part is trying not to catch a glimpse of myself in shop vitrines!

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