28"x 35"
acrylic/fluted sbs


Ruela said...

beautiful work!

jbkrost said...

Thanks, glad you like it!!

Ruela said...

yes, I like it!
nice characters for
an animated film...

CHM said...

I agree with Ruela, they are so light that they can do whatever at whatever speed

Iryna Harpy said...

I am reminded of the elements... and our emergence from the primal seas.

Stunning, eyecatching piece of work. You always give me pause to think... Better than that, you give me pause to immerse myself!

jbkrost said...

Thanks, this has been a fun series to do... it has allowed me to loosen up, and see where the painting takes me.

your words are soothing and kind, I'm glad that the painting gives you pause... it tells me I've done somthing right.

Russell 'C.J.' Duffy said...

Absolutely fantastic!

Iryna Harpy said...

Quite seriously, JBK, this piece has captivated me. You truly are getting it very, very right (to my mind, at least)!

Not intending to insult you by comparing you to another artist, it is Mondrian as he should have been at his best... and I adore Mondrian. If I had it, it would take pride of place above the mantel. Naturally, I'd open my doors and arms to anyone who wanted to experience it.

I hope you don't mind but I've downloaded the JPG for my desktop. I've come back here to stare so often that it seemed like the logical thing to do.

Truly compelling and hauntingly evocative.

jbkrost said...

C.J. .......
Thanks, really aperciate your words! it helps to motivate during times of "painters block" I'm sure you understand the affliction.

I'm glad I rechecked the post, I almost missed your follow-up

Wow you really do like it, thanks!!
and being compared to a master painter really tickles me!

I may have to send it to you, although I checked you profile....
your "down-under" which means I'm up here!

it could be a logistical problem, I don't want it destroyed, but it appears that it means alot to you...
any ideas?

Iryna Harpy said...

Thank you so much for the sentiment, JB!

In the first instance, I couldn't accept it without paying you for it... That aside, while I was actually thinking of asking you whether you'd be prepared to part with it and the asking price, my major concern was the same as your own: shipping without damage. It isn't as if I could drive down, pop it on the back seat and take it to be framed. I can only imagine the potential damage in transit as I don't have any idea of how delicate acrylic on fluted sbs would travel - probably not terribly well. I see flaking and fading when exposed to the elements and handling... and couldn't imagine anything more heartbreaking for either of us.

Sigh. If I were obscenely rich I'd just charter a jet (along with an employee) to collect it. As I'm not even vaguely rich, that's a pie-in-the-sky concept.

Have you actually looked into freighting and potential problems for your 'canvases'?

jbkrost said...

I will check into packing and shipping, soon as the holidays end,
I have not shipped the sbs before, I have shipped photos as far as Sweden without mishap...

You mean your not rich? I thought all the Dark Angels had private jets and hoover crafts full of eels

My e-mail is jimmykingfishjr@aol.com (yeah I need to change it), shoot me a note so I have yours and I'll try to get somthing done after the new year

Iryna Harpy said...

Apologies for taking time in getting back to you. I'm in the process of setting up my new computer and have so many programmes, files and software to transfer that I've gone cross-eyed. Yeah, I'm not rich but I can't plead poverty, either.

Again, I'm terrified of what could happen to this piece in transit. I've heard that the UK Postal Service is a bad joke... but the Australian Postal Service is governmental terrorism at its best. No doubt it will get here. I'm seeing 'folded' (read as broken into fragments) and stuffed into my letter box!

Please give this some serious thought. It's definitely NOT photos shipped to Sweden. Storage alone would probably crack the acrylics.

Sending you my email address...

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