Delirious screech, the old fashioned smell of nicotine hits me out the blue, the pleasant brain shiver frontal. A car crumples like an accordion in pixelised blur. All occupants dead it would seem. Uploaded without permission of their will-less bodies.

He has found situationist comfort in rolling dice to determine where the liquids are bought. He has assumed the roll of problem drinker for now and the meanwhile of screen cynosure. This cigarette is good and inhabits like godpuss on a victim in sociopathic lay-by. He realises that the victim is probably a woman and downloads torn hooker clothes for her to wear. He is the needle in her arm and sucks in order to fire up libidinal hits and highs. Gratification tastes of grit and human soil behind a DFS sofa. It wasn't that he couldn't feel, and so he went downstairs to get something from Sarah.

Sarah was on the worn but presentable bank holiday couch painting her toenails, tufts of cotton wool tween her little piggies. She wore less of clothes, split ends and her crooked gorgeous mouth in concentration. She painted in fine details on her hard footbits - one of which was onyxistic, I shit you not - portions of a Corot masterpiece of melancholy and twisted tree-muscle. Sarah had several co-occurrent thoughts running through her head:

Thought one: Should she attend Beachwood Club in SL, after all Viktor Galli would be spinning his arse off as usual.

Thought two: Too much dark grey on the little toe.

Thought three: The sleaze of her life was descending.

I guess a number 4 domestic dialogue happened, but I logged out at this point and described myself into an episode of CSI.

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Anonymous said...

Good words. And I would likely concur with the narrator's final decision.

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