If anyone clicks A day without Jesus, or the doesn't kill me button, I'm gonna feed them to the grateful dead

Massive Attack
Hell Is Around The Corner
he called to one of the other monks,
‘Look, brother, I have been drinking stars!’
makes me puke up apple chunks
paint you a picture using those apple chunks
Fascinating letters. Interesting correspondence.
will descend upon the courtyard of Visible Voice
D@D@ is everywhere
choosing you to chat with and then not wishing the chat to end.
the postal system an integral part
Other days I wake up and feel like a shell
Pah. You'd be bored senseless.
There is a much bigger world.
this is probably too sane and rational to ever really take off here in North America...
but some people are trying, so give them props...
In the kingdom of hope there is no winter(so no snowmen, snowballs or hot choco?)
Its freezing cold and pissing rain here/Fuck Pop Idols!
It seems the human tissue in it could indeed be foreskins.
helmets lead to victory
blinkers save our life
starers make us die
Send your good karma waves my way
brewing in your brain for quite some time
And the reason why I play The Game less & less every day.


Ruela said...


Great Aaron ;)

‘Look, brother, I have been drinking stars!’

Aaron Held said...

never realized how good facebook was for cut ups, almost tells a story and I hardly have to rearrange anything.

Iryna Harpy said...


Aaron Held said...

the like button has made me socially lazy haha

Iryna Harpy said...

It's a brilliant innovation. Sign-o-the-times.

Admittedly, I still do feel compelled to write an entire response regardless of whether I have anything of any substance to say. I suppose it has something to do with my vintage. I'm trying to shake it off. At least I can count on dementia catapulting me over the last hurdle if I can't do it myself ;)

Aaron Held said...

haha I love when I hear Sign-o-the-times.:)its true though.

I have a social fear which effects me online, often I'm to scared to post my opinion, so the 'like' button is my friend... but i feel it takes away the true appreciation that is often hard to express online.

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you for your information.

Iryna Harpy said...

I suspect that 'Anonymous' needs all the help he/she can get. I'd like to think that 'anon' was being terribly clever and had thought through a poignant statement regarding why the 'like' button is so popular. I'm still amazed at how illiterate purportedly 'native English' speakers are on the net.

I know this shouldn't befuddle me so. You should see some of the nonsensical queries postgrads send to faculty staff! Hmm, puts me in mind of email cut-ups of the same. I might just do that... I am, however, an 'old skool' intellectual snob and delete such email immediately: if you can't write a professional query, at the least attempting to emulate professional terminology and structures, you're not worth my energy in attempting to decipher your cyber-speak. Perhaps I SHOULD attempt to archive some of these missives and play with them.

No art form/idea hold value unless it references expectations formed by comprehensive constructs which we, as members of a structured society, are inducted into. If the deconstruction is the result of laziness and being uninformed, we might as well return to Middle English.

I digress, as is my usual form. As regards 'personal' relationships, I grew tired of the constructs of beginning, middling and ending things decades ago. I simply wanted to make the point of your opinion as being valid and that you shouldn't fear expressing it even in a forum that doesn't allow for ephemeral opinion in the same manner that is our expectation in a non-cyberspace context. Here, our sense of dignity can be reduced to ridicule simply due to a typo. I am not even going to proof this message as a matter of example.

My apologies, in advance, if this seems condescending or patronising in any way. You, Mr. Held, may be young... but you are intelligent and articulate. I've encountered you, your work and opinions in various cyber venues without commenting on them myself. I understand/remember what lack of confidence felt like when I was young (not to suggest that you don't feel confident enough about your opinions). I sense that you truly don't feel that you want to articulate your personal response - not just as a matter of laziness but as a matter of self-worth. If I'm wrong, I'm completely at ease with making an arse of myself for public record. I'm an idiot completely comfortable with being an idiot. So far as I'm concerned, being a simpleton is the only way to approach existence. Don't just 'like', laugh like an idiot even if it's inappropriate! Misinterpret at the risk of being thought a fool! Our misinterpretations, questions and stupidity are the essence of a quality of life.

Incidentally, I started on this message because I'd forgotten to inform you that I loved this piece! To my mind, it is beautifully constructed. I'm saddened by the fact that 'Cyber Poetry' and 'Cyber Poetics' have already been claimed as concepts. These terms are being used like rubbish, jaJa! I'd love to set up a site dedicated to constructs of cross-linguistic communication using one or other of these terms. 'Cyberling Poetry'? 'Cybercommuniconstruction'?

- Hugs from the Harpy

Ruela said...

Cyberlikesociety ;)

Iryna Harpy said...

Nice observation, R!

Is discharge Dada? No, it is not. Influenced by and with a similar attitude to, but not Dada..

Is discharge Fluxus? No, it is not. Influenced by and with a similar attitude to, but not Fluxus.

Is discharge art for intellectuals? No, discharge is for anyone and everyone who appreciates creativity in all its myriad forms. Be it static visual, audio or moving image; the written word or the deconstructed, non-linear form. The spoken word and noise.

All creativity is the springboard for discharge. It highjack’s a multitude of genres and disciplines and transposes them onto the internet. discharge is electronically transmitted art, be it via blog, myspace or whatever format possible, it can also be produced and seen in classic formats.

The discharge Chapbook. The discharge Building by Parts book. discharge has no rules. All contributors to discharge are responsible adults. discharge has no leaders although it has an elected body of rotating editors who oversee rather than dictate the flow of the group.

The aim of discharge is to profile creative people and to do away with the pretension of the art world. Everyday people creating art everyday to an exceptional quality.

Art by barrow boys and girls. discharge is international.