Wondering inches away
picking away
the insatiably
doubles up,
tension beckons
A fray like a snaking ash
is sucking me winding
the shame

the blame
and passing me the net, curl on up

Holding the bones
the pain
creeps on up,


stubbed off in the
same tray, same day

stuffed in the coffin all day,
left coughing in the room,
away, picking away
a distant darkened memo
a sweeper for my mind

splattered on the floor.
Thoughts, eyes both dilated
passive. pleasured in brew.

Lick my wounds,
my brains out as soon
as we get situated.

An hour left on the clock and
her eyes on the door.

he gets-sin
about the drifting



Sweatha Sanjana said...

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CHM said...

I love this one Aaron. My English is poor and I do not have such beauty to describe; Only to understand

Ruela said...

"stuffed in the coffin all day"

Don't you wanna feel the breeze?


Nice one Aaron.

Aaron Held said...

Thanks for reading CHM, Ruela...yesss I need to get out of the coffin...got coffin fever..maybe when the heat dies down.

Ruela said...

Me too ;)

TICTAC said...

wow..going strong Aaron. I mean, quite inspired...lovely work!!

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