La petite mort / Poema audiovisual

The proposal of my first publication, was to do an experiment (...) In the course of our lives, we lose gradually from the sense of wonder to peek interest beyond what is visible, tangible.

With the recent comments expressed by Iryna Harpy, in "Art, Sex and Death", it appears that human beings will always be an innate browser. Delves into her womb to explain how they exist and if not find answers, invented to satisfy. In analogy, the point "g" How to know what's on the other side of the mirror and what feelings we experience?

That was the "point" to make a publication with just a title apparently nude content. Click the link and find an orgasm.

Iryna, thanks to complement your comment my exposure.


Ruela said...

great piece!

you can post the video here
if you wish that...

Aaron Held said...

Cool idea :)

Anonymous said...


Esta madrugada expongo el vídeo aquí, sin enlace.


Anonymous said...

It is seductive and disturbing, which I find refreshing...
My eyes just loved it.

Thank you for coming.

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