Aaron Held said...

I am a tool with out a purpose or motivation, why the heck was I made! :)

Iryna Harpy said...

The question that comes to mind is whether being the tool is something to rejoice in or a condemnation...

Perhaps a little of both... and more...

The repetition of this 'statement' suggests that it is an unknown quantity that you are exploring. I'd be interested to know whether some tiny part of your intellect/emotional state is hoping to find some semblance of an answer.

It cannot be fact. It can only be a mesmeric (or very carefully contrived) sensibility.

CHM said...

I was born free and yet it seems that I am enchained to a serial of events.......but IAMTHETOOL

C.J. Duffy said...

Just repetition for no reason other than that of random, almost autistic response. It has no deep meaning unless, like Iryna suggests, I have some deep seated intellectual or emotional response or effect I am trying to work through. I don't think so. I think it is more like 'Revolution number nine.' Just repeating a phrase over and over until it either means something or becomes obscure by the repetition.

Iryna Harpy said...

Ah, yes, C.J. I believe I understand the point of the exercise.

Perhaps it is an almost autistic response... At any given moment, our minds work on a serious of cognitive levels simultaneously from the complex to simple - almost random - formations of words or even just sounds. I may be bipolar (therefore tend to have 20 or 30 tangents running as sub-currents and triggering even more neurological subsets), but I'm certain that even 'normal' minds create trigger responses to thought processes. I often find myself saying something out loud seemingly unrelated to other processes I am consciously focussed on. Well, being a bit mad, I've even yelled out stupid statements provoked by a triggered memory of something stupid I'd said or done 30 years earlier, as if to drown out the memory (that's as close an explanation as to why I do such things as I can fathom).

Is this the level of thought patterns on which you work? Personally, I've never listened to 'Revolution number nine' in the manner you've suggested. It's always worked on a mesmeric level for me, the content being virtually irrelevant. If it weren't basically a tape loop with the same intonation - a splicing together of duplicates - it would have a different affect on me... that is, if John Lennon had spoken it over and over in 'real time'.

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